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So you are perhaps wondering why a business listing in our directory is better than perhaps the current marketing you are doing? Well, we can’t speak for the current marketing you are doing because we don’t know what it is. However, if it is print advertising, we can honestly say that our medium of marketing is far superior than it and much more cost effective.

Is print advertising dead? No. Is it dying off? Yes, slowly. It is however far more expensive with less reach and always a reach that is strictly local based only. The increasing costs of paper, ink and labour have not helped the print media industry either. Hey, even we like to sit down and read a magazine once in a while.

Marketing is about placing your business in front of potential clients. Where are those clients? Mainly nowadays they are online. Our website is owned by a digital marketing firm so it is constantly having marketing implemented to strengthen it. Our social following will grow over time and many tactical online presence strategies will be deployed. These strategies will benefit your business when it is listed in our directory.

Increasing your own brand awareness is important and having a link from our locally based website to your locally based website is extremely beneficial to you. Yes, local is awesome, but we also target LOCAL CANADA! Yes, in our marketing strategies, we indeed target locally to your business but also do so on a national level. Pro-Canadian as much as Pro-Vermilion River County!

Right now, we have some amazing pricing for amazing listings as our site has an introductory offer. (pricing is on the Add a Listing page) The current introductory pricing is valid until September 30, 2023 when it may increase at that time.

We also have a special promotion below!

If you want to take advantage of the web development offer, please visit our Business Resources website and contact us through there.

If you would like to create a profile and add a listing on our website for your business or organization, please CLICK HERE!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through our online website form. 


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