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Fraser Valley Biz Directory – A Little About the Fraser Valley……

Fraser Valley Biz Directory

More than 275,000 people live in the Fraser Valley Regional District, which comprises six municipalities, seven electoral areas, and 13,361.74 square kilometers (5,159 square miles) of land. Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Langley, Mission, Harrison Hot Springs, Hope, and Kent are among the municipalities in the Fraser Valley.

In British Columbia, there are 28 regional districts, and FVRD is the third most populous. Residents of the Electoral Area elect eight members to the twenty-three-member Fraser Valley Board of Directors. Located along the Fraser River and extending to the Pacific, the Fraser Valley region traces the river’s path.

In spite of the fact that most of Fraser Valley’s land mass is agricultural, it is one of the fastest growing regional districts in the country. Whether you’re looking for an active city or a peaceful rural community, we have it all. British Columbia’s Fraser Valley has some of the most productive agricultural lands in the world. 

With lush Rocky Mountain Canyons, the Fraser River, soaring mountains, luxurious urban amenities, and family-friendly hospitality, we present incredible landscapes at either end of the spectrum. Fraser Valley is a great place to live if you want to be close to the richness of the region.

Own a business? Being listed in the Fraser Valley Biz Directory is a great place to connect with local residents and other businesses! 

The Fraser Valley Biz Directory is privately owned and is not a government resource nor is it funded by any municipal entity. The Fraser Valley Biz Directory aims to provide the local residents and those looking to visit the Fraser Valley with quality information about the local business landscape. The Fraser Valley Biz Directory is part of the family of websites which is owned by FVWD Enterprises. If you have questions about the Fraser Valley Biz Directory, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time through our online contact form. Get Your Business Listed in the Fraser Valley Biz Directory Today!

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